Thalia, was one of the nine Muses, the Goddess of Arts, that entertained the Gods in the Greek symposia.
The Gods used to gather at the highest peaks and enjoy the breathtaking sights of the landscapes.
Like a modern Muse, villa Thalia stands out on a hilltop looking out at the amazing 360 degrees panoramic sea view of the Argosaronikos Gulf.
In just one glance, you see Hydra, Spetses, Spetsopoula, Dokos and Ermioni.
The infinity pool blends in with the endless blue of the sea and sky. As you dive in the magnificent scenery, you get the feeling that you can almost touch Spetses island.

The space
Villa Thalia (250sqm), has 5 bedrooms, sleeps 8 and has 3 en suite bathrooms.
Located in the peaceful area of Agios Emilianos on a plot alongside two other autonomous villas (with different entrances).
The king size, overflowing swimming pool (8,5m x 12,5m) extending over the horizon is shared between two villas.
The elegant interior design connects harmoniously with the magical beauty of the landscape. From each and every window you can see the pure nature embracing the breathtaking blue as you float off into the horizon.
The stylish garden (850sqm) is full of seasonal flowers, aromatic plants & olive trees.

Thalia, means to bloom, to thrive.
Welcome in! 

The Muse loves less is more when it comes to decoration, for the energy flows easily & relaxes your senses.
The house is well equipped for your family & friends (baby cots, books, music, games, DVD's) to experience the Greek way of life and make yourself at home.
In the stylish kitchen you can cook all the unique local treasures that Greece produces or you can have a BBQ under the starry sky.
The household is supplied with all the appliances & kitchen utensils.
Ancient tip. Greek Gods were also food lovers. As a gift to their guests, they have left the Twelve Olympian Recipes, to learn how to cook like a God!
When the sun goes down nature is painted with the most fascinating colors. It is the best time to have romantic walks to Agios Emilianos chapel, to enjoy running in the paths, or to relax in the idyllic atmosphere of the house.
Did you know that recent research has shown that sleep makes you not only prettier but also healthier? The house mattresses are comfortable, so Morpheus God of Dreams joins you to release all your tiredness.

Follow me to Porto Cheli
If you love road trips Porto Cheli is the perfect destination. The beauty of the place & sunny weather makes it captivating all year round.

Fantastic! Any ideas of what to do in Porto Cheli?

Swim in crystal clear waters, secluded coves or get sun kissed in all-day beach bars.
Taste the fresh seafood and the Greek cuisine based on the beneficial olive oil.
Experience wine tasting find out all the secrets of the vineyards and try our delicious local products.
Enjoy water sports. Float in the majestic coastline with sea kayaks, feel the ultimate freedom through water skiing or explore the bottom of the sea with scuba diving.
Villa Thalia is a unique home base to have road or boat excursions to picturesque fishing villages, historic monuments and islands that are minutes away.
Visit the cosmopolitan island of Spetses in 5 min and the Palamidi Castle in Nafplio, the first capital of Greece in 1h.
Go to the graphic Hydra Island, where Leonard Cohen lived and wrote his songs - donkeys will provide you the getting around.
Watch performances in the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, which is a UNESCO protected heritage.
Feel the energy of the Cave of Frachthi in Koilada and dive into history at the Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus or at the Palace of the legendary Agamemnon in Mycenae.

In Goddess Notebook, you will find all the info you need to make yourself at home and live like a local!

More info 

  • Athen’s airport (ATH) to Porto Heli is about 2,5 hrs drive (208km)
  • Villa Thalia is 7km from the center of Porto Heli
  • No airport in Porto Heli
  • In the house both hard and soft surfaces are disinfected &the mattresses are thoroughly cleaned with a special vacuum cleaner (Kirby) before and after any stay
  • Nearest beach is 900m.
  • Annual air-condition service & fire extinguishers on every level
  • Overflowing swimming pool, the water is constantly filtered and clean
  • Heated pools are rare in shinny Greece. We all share the same planet, we think green

Top View

Villa Thalia 3 levels - Sleeps 8 people - Outdoor parking
Entering the house:
Οpen space kitchen - Dining area – Veranda – WC
1 Master Bedroom, en suite bathroom - 2 Bedrooms, one with a double and another with two single beds - 1 Bathroom
1 Master bedroom - 1 Bedroom, both with double beds and en suite bathrooms – Mini open space kitchen - Sitting room - Treadmill and light gym equipment
Α king size overflowing swimming pool with a poolside shower, a dining table and a barbeque.
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